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8+3 LEDs Motion Sensor Torch & Nightlight

MOQ :3000 piece

Lead Time : Days

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Warranty(Year):1 Year

Product Specifications

Product Description

  • Wireless Induction Charging
  • Multi-function 8+3 LEDs Motion Sensor Torch & Nightlight/LED Flash Light  
  • Item No.# FDI-L319-F320  

Power Failure Mode: 

Super bright 8 LED light automatically turns to Low light during power outages, and last for 15 hrs 

Flashlight (8-LED) & Work Light (3-LED) Mode: 
4-mode Press Button :  Top 8-LEDs ON /  Side 3-LEDs ON  / 8-LED Flasher /  Off
-Top Flash Light  last for 3 hrs, Brightness=60 Lumens; 
-Side Work Light  last for  8 hrs, Brightness=15-20 Lumens;
LED Night Light  Mode
-Keep handheld light plugged in, the 3-LED side light will automatically turn on once detect movement in the dark room/space.
-Sensor Delay Time: 20+/-5s
Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V / 400mA  battery
-Sensor Distance: 3 to 4 meters
Slim Design
Also, there is light Sensor version for this Similar item      

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